Northern Territory Seafood

by David Hancock,
with Chefs Steve Sunk and Jason Wilkes

Northern Territory Seafood narrates the stories of professional fishers and portrays the largely pristine environment in which they work. Exquisitely written and photographed by David Hancock, the reader will be taken to some of the Territory’s more remote habitats. No book about the sea would be complete without a selection of unique Territory-style recipes. Darwin chefs Steve Sunk and Jason Wilkes have cooked up 80 stunning seafood dishes that are spread lavishly throughout the 224-page book.



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“Northern Territory Seafood is a wonderfully illustrative masterpiece showcasing the origins of some of Australia’s finest seafood products. Every page proudly tells a story, inviting the reader to spend a day in the shoes of some of the men and women who passionately bring these culinary delights to all Australians. And the reward for spending time with these larger than life characters – a smorgasbord of recipes that brings out the freshest of flavours from the best that the NT has to offer. Since getting our hands on a copy, Northern Territory Seafood has been highly coveted by all of us at the Post-harvest seafood research group (QDAF). We highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to impress friends and family with a little flare in the kitchen and a bit of knowledge on the provenance of the dish served.”

Post-harvest seafood research group, Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.


“The images bring the story of NT professional seafood industry to life and this has allowed me to see the stories behind the seafood, where it is caught, grown, handled and sold. The recipes look so delicious on the page, who wouldn’t find inspiration and draw confidence in their ability to cook seafood using this book. As I am not the greatest cook and I am not very adventurous in the kitchen and because of this, I rely on recipes to be well laid out, with clear logical instructions that mean I can achieve an edible and hopefully a delicious meal at the end; which I have be able to done with Northern Territory Seafood. It didn’t look exactly like the pictures (my cooking never does) but I did use the pictures to model/inspire how I presented or arranged it on the plate.

There was something to be learnt from every sector, either adding to my understanding of that industry sector or teaching me something completely new.  As an example I knew a small amount about the crocodile industry but found the information about the sector increased my knowledge of the NT industry. The picture p201 provided me with insight into the recovery of the much valued leather. Learning about crocodile meat characteristics was interesting, not having tasted or used it in cooking before, I am tempted to try it.

I love the cookbook, it contains fabulous images that depict the many and varied aspects of the NT seafood industry sector, the people who catch, grow, handle, harvest and sell the seafood. I have never been to the NT but really enjoyed the diversity that is shown in this book. In this day of soft cover books and electronic resources it is lovely to have a hard  cover recipe book with thick durable pages which make it a delight to read and practical to use while admiring the many images. My copy of NT Seafood sits on a glass shelf in my kitchen on display, as it is also a decorative book that shouldn’t be locked away.

The other thing to add of course is that a lovely friend of mine sent me a signed copy with a treasured message.”

Jacqui Johnson, NSW.